Kamala Harris’ ‘Bizarre Justification’ For A Vaccine Mandate

Politicizing life-saving measures can never happen. Ever. People say that former President Donald Trump politicized the Covid-19 vaccine, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Trump made extreme efforts to make sure the Covid-19 vaccine was created and made available. Still, Democrats like Vice President Kamala Harris said that she would be uncomfortable taking a virus created under Trump.

Harris took to Twitter to call out the unvaccinated, praise the vaccinated, and call an end to the pandemic unrealistically:

None of those measures would get rid of Covid-19, and I’ll tell you why.
The Covid-19 vaccine lasts for approximately six months and doesn’t stop you from getting or spreading the virus. The virus will only spread during the vaccinated stage, and right now, Americans aren’t “synced-up” on their vaccine, so the unrealistic idea of ending the pandemic isn’t possible.

Reasonable measures would allow Americans to choose because no vaccine can be mandated under emergency use authorization, and the FDA approves no vaccine available in the United States. That’s why President Joe Biden uses organizations like OSHA and the CDC to control Americans and force them to get vaccinated. That’s why he keeps saying that his patience is running out. He’s a tyrant that prides himself on citizen control. Meanwhile, Congress and the United States Postal Service are exempt from the Covid-19 vaccine, and the White House isn’t mandating the vaccine for their staff.

Many countries have released data and the CDC has proven that every bit of Harris’ text is false. India and Israel see a surge in breakthrough cases among the vaccinated, translating for every American citizen who gets the Covid-19 vaccine. Americans have seen the data and made their decision. Any mandate will only cause resentment toward the government and Biden’s administration. Biden doesn’t care if he’s liked because Biden knows he won’t get a second term. Not only from his approval ratings but because of his age and mental capacity. The man’s not right and isn’t getting any better.

The main problem is that if you have to protect the vaccinated, the vaccine doesn’t work. Plain and simple. No medical term garbage will get you around it. Even more, regardless of if it worked or not, the Covid-19 virus has a 99.8% survival rate and delta seems to have a higher survival rate. Case count versus death count will give you all the information you need to know about the survivability of Covid-19.

The most common stories you hear are people who talk about getting sick in November and December of 2019, just before the pandemic started. Most will say their symptoms are a cough, tightness in their chest, fever, and fatigue. All are symptoms of Covid-19, but when they got tested for the flu, strep throat, and other viruses, they tested negative. There wasn’t a Covid-19 test or the knowledge that Covid-19 existed at that time. But Democrats want to act like Covid-19 just began when the vaccine became available, and they’ve led Americans to have a short-minded recurrence of the virus.