Kamala Harris ‘Set To Hit’ Campaign Trail With Newsom In Attempt To Avoid Recall

California’s gubernatorial recall election is scheduled for September 14, and mail-in ballots have already been distributed to every registered voter in the state.

Vice President Kamala Harris plans to stop off in California on the way back from her Asia trip to campaign with Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom.

While Harris is apparently in no hurry to get back to the mess in Washington involving Joe Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, she will be bringing back one of the more pitiful images of the Biden-Harris 2020 campaign. She and Newsom will be holding a Car Rally for drive-up supporters.

Newsom must be counting on Harris having some residual popularity with California voters, despite the hits her image took during the last Democratic presidential primary season, the general election, and in her first seven months as vice president.

The drive-up Car Rally is set for the Cow Palace Arena and Event Center in Daly City. It certainly is an interesting choice, given the problems that the pair would likely have in drawing a crowd anywhere outside of the Bay Area or L.A. County. Newsom’s handlers must also have felt that some method must be used to create the illusion of public support for the governor’s effort to remain in office.

In keeping with the same restrictions that have made his administration so unpopular, Newsom will be requiring multiple layers of COVID rules that must be followed to enjoy the privilege of hearing his same old talking points and Harris’ cackles.

To register for the rally, attendees must show proof of COVID vaccination or a current negative test for infection. Also, even though the rally is outdoors, everyone must remain in their vehicles. Plus, everyone will be required to be masked.

While it is unlikely that anyone unsure about the recall will attend the event in the first place, the image of an effective repetition of last year’s ludicrous drive-up rallies will almost certainly turn off even more voters from bothering to vote “No” on Newsom’s recall.

Newsom’s public campaigning is likely to quiet down in a final couple of weeks before the election while attacks on leading Republican replacement candidate Larry Elder heat up.