Kamala Harris Shows Misguided Priorities With Silly Tweet

As the Russian war machine ravages Ukraine and US consumers buckle under stifling inflation, Vice President Kamala Harris decided it was a great time this week to reprioritize the administration’s agenda.

In what can only be described as a tone-deaf tweet, the vice president called for Congress to send the Equality Act to the White House to be signed. Yes, the LGBTQ+ agenda and allowing biological boys to destroy girls’ sports is infinitely more important than protecting democracy from militant despots.

At the time of her courageous social media post, Europe’s largest nuclear power plant was under fierce military attack by Russian forces and a building at the site was in flames. And, let’s not forget, Putin had just placed his country’s nuclear arsenal on alert in response to Western sanctions.

But of course, getting men into women’s sports is front and center of the Kamala Harris agenda.

Hey, Ukraine may be burning and civilization is threatened by a strongman’s weapons of mass destruction, but at least we know the vice president’s preferred pronouns!

Of course, nothing in this administration is shocking anymore. While a European country goes up in flames, the US Army is tackling the urgent business of ensuring that proper gender pronouns are used and that officers know when to offer our warriors gender transition surgery.

And, of course, soldiers are now being discharged for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine.

This mistimed call for misguided action, it must be remembered, comes from the same politician who on Monday defended Biden’s nomination of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court with eloquence and insight. “Because as we all know, elections matter. And in this case, they got what they asked for.”

Sort of like saying someone gets “what is coming to them.” Which usually is not a good thing. Does getting what we asked for include the highest inflation in four decades, destroying our energy production capabilities, a complete butchery of the Afghanistan withdrawal and open borders?

But back to current events, Harris delivered some eye-popping analysis of the Russian invasion of Ukraine this week on a show called “The Morning Hustle.” When the host asked for an explanation of the crisis “in layman’s terms,” this is precisely the vice president’s response:

“Ukraine is a country in Europe. It exists next to another country called Russia. Russia is a bigger country.” The program host asked for an explanation in layman’s terms, not pre-K terms.

At least men can now set records swimming as women!