Kamala Harris: Tone-Deaf Or Just Sending A Message?

President Joe Biden has zero trust left with the American people, and there’s no hope of salvaging anything. His presidency lasted only a short six months before devastating decisions cast him out of any possibility of re-election or the continued presidency. On the lower half of Biden’s ticket is Vice President Kamala Harris, who continues to make a fool of herself with every move she makes. It turns out that Democrats shouldn’t have had so much confidence in the Biden/Harris presidency that they did. Conservatives knew what the outcome would be and were rightfully frustrated and concerned when Biden and Harris won.

After canceling a planned campaign stop for California Governor Gavin Newsom, Harris met with Vietnam’s president and vice president to grow independent partnerships. Harris can be seen smiling and waving while standing next to Vo Thi Anh Xuan, the Vietnam Vice President.

Take this as leadership and confidence if you wish, but Harris was noticeably uncomfortable and wasn’t sure what to do with her hands. Vo Thi Anh Xuan kept looking at her like she was waiting for her to stop looking at the cameras and sit down, which she finally did. You can’t let good media go to waste. After that, Harris spoke to Nguyen Xuan Phuc, Vietnam’s President, void of her normal cackle. Instead, Harris said clearly and thoughtfully like she was afraid. Harris never took off her mask. Nguyen Xuan Phuc did. Harris muffled into the microphone with an almost shaking voice to vow United States efforts to support Vietnam.

Harris, who allies with socialists and communists in the Democrat party, would love to see the United States act more like Vietnam. She loves to push socialist agendas and has used total control in the courtroom for her favor in the past, so what qualifies her as Vice President? Diversity hire.

Biden and Harris have vowed to undermine former President Donald Trump’s policies and make as many moves toward socialism as possible. The Biden administration wants to throw Harris into as many “tough guy” spots as possible to boost public confidence in her ability to lead while allowing Biden to slowly fall to his feeble mind.

Harris is being set up for the presidency, but she doesn’t act as she wants it. She acts bored and frustrated that she has to do the things she does. Harris’ cackling, laughing, and smiles seem to slowly fade as Biden screws up the Democrat’s safety net of trust and Harris is going down with her. I’m sure the Democrats assured Harris that Biden would push her forward, but Biden doesn’t seem to be cooperating. The last time Biden and Harris were on the stage together, she had a mask on the entire time and said nothing. Harris hasn’t formally come out and said much about Afghanistan and certainly hasn’t taken responsibility for anything. Harris’ input had to have been considered, and she’s Vice President.

Harris might not have big shoes to fill, they’re likely Velcro Sketchers, but she’s got to get Biden under control. She has to know how this looks on her, and she could gain 2/3’s approval in Congress to invoke the 25th amendment, but then all eyes would be on her, and she probably doesn’t want that.