Kamala Harris Tries To Flee Joe Biden’s Sinking Ship

Kamala Harris is a coward and showed herself to be a coward on the debate stage. She was the first to go in the 2020 Democratic primary, and she got destroyed on the debate stage by Tulsi Gabbard, a veteran congresswoman from Hawaii.

Harris has been accused of being a tyrant and bully by her staff, and some have accused her of staying far away from President Joe Biden and saying, “I’m not going down for this s***” about the Afghanistan withdrawal.

She has been abdicating accountability since the beginning. Kamala declined to go to the southern border and instead went to Guatemala. This socialist country has countries that don’t even pay their employees over $13 a day in many cases.

Harris finally visited the safe portion of the border that’s hundreds of miles from the hot zone of illegal immigrant activity and still hasn’t made any effort to fix the problem. The immense impact was when Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sent hundreds of Florida Law Enforcement to Texas to assist with the southern border crisis.

Democrat and Republican support for an investigation into the withdrawal from Afghanistan has been at the forefront of conversations. Nobody is happy about it, and it seems Kamala Harris wants no part of Biden’s press conferences and has separated herself from the head of the administration. This weakness is staring America in the face. Recent polls have shown that Harris isn’t famous amongst Democrats or Republicans, and the Biden administration is dipping in popularity. As many have said, “At least there aren’t any mean tweets.”

Instead, we get silence. Biden and Jen Psaki seem to be on vacation during the turmoil inside the United States about the Afghanistan withdrawal. It’s convenient, no central leadership during a time of war or what seems like war. We need answers. Biden is on vacation, and Harris is visiting Vietnam.

Harris tweeted, “We’re closely monitoring the situation in Afghanistan. Our priority is to continue evacuating U.S. citizens, SIV applicants, and vulnerable Afghans out of the country.”

No, she couldn’t do a press conference. She couldn’t even do an Instagram live that the White House seems to love. She has to get on Twitter and send a tweet that is baseless and inconsiderate. There is no consideration for the United States assets on the ground or the allies that helped during the last 20 years. Harris needs to go. America was wrong to vote Biden and Harris into the presidential office, and it shows. Harris was only voted in because of her race, and it’s despicable. If Biden wants to act as though America is racist, he shows his racial preferences when choosing Harris as a running mate.