Kamala Harris Wasn’t Where She Was ‘Supposed To Be’

Something shady is brewing among the presidency that’s been admitted in court. Vice President Kamala Harris was not at the Capitol during the January 6 Capitol Riot. What? You might be surprised, but Harris was at the Capitol earlier and later in the day.

Prosecutors in court said, “The Administration wrongly claims that Vice President Harris was present in the United States Capitol at the time of the attack. Harris was not present at that moment, but she had been present earlier in the day and later that day.”

So, why did they lie? What could they benefit from? The government wanted you to believe everyone sensitive and frail was in the Capitol that day. Everyone important was involved and scared for their life. That’s why they made you believe that Harris was in the Capitol.

During the Eric Torrens sentencing hearing, another prosecutor in court corrected Chief Judge Beryl Howell when he said that the January 6 Capitol Riots led to President Mike Pence and Harris evacuating the Capitol. US Attorney Jamie Carter said that the government had “recently learned” that Harris wasn’t in the Capitol.

So, the government didn’t know where their first Black American Vice President was? That’s what they want you to believe?

It is very significant. A federal judge was led to believe that Harris was somewhere that she wasn’t up to until the sentencing of Torrens. Somewhere, someone lied. They wanted the perception to match reality, and they got caught. That’s as simple as it is. There’s no reason to overcomplicate it.

So, who told the media that Harris was in the Capitol on January 6?

CNN tweeted, “Vice President-elect Kamala Harris calls for the “assault” on the Capitol to end. Harris was in Congress when the riots began but was safely evacuated.”

CNN was made aware that Harris was safely evacuated, but by whom?

According to Politico, a source familiar with Harris’ movements within days of the attack said she exited the Capitol after the Senate Intelligence Committee briefing earlier in the morning. The confirmation came days after the January 6 Capitol Riot.

The Washington Post also reported that Harris “had gotten an intelligence briefing in the morning and had not returned to the Senate before rioters broke in. She was barred from entering the Capitol until the building was secured.”

There’s a pattern where Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Harris are lying about their involvement in the January 6 Capitol Riot.

Still, prosecutors have lied about Harris in court proceedings. Prosecutors wrote, “On January 6, 2021, at approximately 1:00 p.m., Michael R. Pence presided over the Joint Session in his constitutional role as President of the Senate. Vice President Kamala Harris was also present in her capacity as a Senator from the State of California.”

It was an attempt to keep someone in jail longer than they were meant to be. It seems to be a common trend for Harris.