Kamala Harris Won’t Be A Supreme Court Justice

Former California Attorney General Kamala Harris, who is somehow the Vice President of the United States, has been suggested for Supreme Court Justice? Harris couldn’t even be California’s AG without corruption. What makes anyone think that she’s qualified morally or professionally to get a position like that?

From prosecutorial abuses, lies about evidence, and collaboration with pro-abortion groups, Harris isn’t even morally qualified to be a mayor, much less VP.

Harris wrote in her 2019 campaign tract, “There is a long and ugly history in America of people utilizing the prosecutor’s power as a weapon of injustice. I am well aware of the history of innocent men being framed, of charges being filed against people of color without adequate evidence, of prosecutors concealing material that would exonerate defendants, and of the disproportionate application of the law.”

Harris has to know the history because it was her history that she was describing.

Don’t forget that Harris’ office engaged in a cover-up of a drug lab technician that led to over 600 drug charges being dismissed. Kind of like the southern border, Harris doesn’t want the facts to get out.

Harris seems to be more suited to be at the forefront of politics in her mind. The debate, legislative process, and attention are likely the only things Harris is after.

Harris brought her California politics into the White House, where she does almost nothing but loves to talk about what’s being done without ever contributing to a solution. It’s easy to accept interviews and podcasts as the great new VP, but Harris chokes when it comes down to being questioned on the substance of any issue.

Given the Congressional makeup of 50-50, if Harris was nominated for the Supreme Court, she could vote for herself, maybe vote twice if we’re playing by 2020 rules, and break the tie. That isn’t even necessary, given that some Republicans will do whatever the Democrat party wants them to do.

The other, and most prominent issue, is that Harris wouldn’t be able to serve in two separate branches of government at the same time according to the Constitution. That means that Biden would have to find another VP that meets his standards, a Black American woman. It’s not difficult to see which way this is going to go. The only other possibility is if Harris wants a way out of the White House. That wouldn’t be a terrible move for her, as she can see the writing on the wall with the 2022 midterm elections estimated to sway heavily on the Republican side.

It’s all about reputation rather than qualifications. Harris has to decide where she wants to fail. She’s doing a great job at failing in the VP spot. Why would she want to move? She’s on a roll. Then again, could you imagine working under President Joe Biden?

Biden could be impeached anyway, giving Harris a presidency and a possible 2024 run. That is if she isn’t impeached as well. Harris’ dereliction of duty at the southern border should tell you everything you need to know about what a Harris presidency looks like.