Karine Jean-Pierre Makes Ridiculous Statement

White House Press Sec. Karine Jean-Pierre zeroed out when she gaffed and said new jobs in the U.S. have climbed to 10,000,000,000 or “Ten Thousand Million.”

During a press briefing on unemployment and job growth, Jean-Pierre said “As you know, the good news is, in August the economy created 315,000 jobs, which is important. We have created nearly ten thousand million jobs since President Biden took office, which is the fastest job growth in history.”

Jean-Pierre continued saying, “which is the fastest job growth in history, so you’re asking me ‘where’s the success?’ here it is…”

Twitter was singing with tweets calling her out.

Leading AI expert Dr. Eli David, tweeted “That’s 10 billion, more than the entire population of the world. Amazing job!” The current work population is an estimated 8.1 billion.

The Red State columnist asked, “Ten thousand million?’ Did you also take math via Zoom?” and “This explains the inflation,” quipped political scientist Ian Bremmer.

“Ten thousand million… I think she misspoke and was referring to the amount of money we’ve sent to Ukraine,” a tweet from ULTRA MAGA.

Other tweets included “Reminds me of having 10 thousand Million more statistically probable voters in the 2020 selection,” @peacefulunderstandin.

But the winner of the tweeting seemingly goes to Emmy-winning anchor and reporter Joel Schipper who quipped “Next goal: eleventy hundred,”

The White House has since corrected the transcript with a strike through to the word “thousand.”

The barrage of savage Twitter comments pointed out Jean-Pierre’s incompetence and amateurism.

Since Biden took office two hundred and forty thousand jobs have been created. The other jobs were resumed after the COVID lockdowns to which this tweet by @donaldy summed up the job market:

“It’s a very amateurish mistake by KJP, no doubt about it. However, the actual lie is that the Biden administration has (not) created any jobs at all. All of this so-called “job growth” is nothing more than people going back to jobs they had under Trump, but those jobs were shut down and the workers were told to stay home by Democrat governors in California, New York, Illinois, and other blue states. Last I heard, our country has just gotten back to the employment levels of the Trump years.”

Jean-Pierre previously has been compared to a “deer in headlights”. This latest gaffe is just one of many from the Biden administration.