“Karma”: Democrat Governor Caught On Camera Doing The Exact Thing He Said Not To

Political leaders are getting brave when they defy their mandates and suggestions. It isn’t new as politicians suggest police should be defunded while having private security, mandate masks but don’t wear one themselves, and tell you that you can’t use a gas-powered lawn mower while flying on private jets. It’s getting worse, and there seems to be no recourse for their actions.

Terry McAuliffe was the newest member of the “hypocritical politician” club when he greeted voters inside a restaurant without a mask on. It isn’t the first time McAuliffe was seen defying his suggestions and should be a preview for his position as Governor of Virginia if he gets voted in again. In September, Fox News reported that McAuliffe was on AMTRAK without a mask, defying the federal mandate. Fox News said that the person who took the picture said it was an “absolute double standard.” It is. It should be emphasized that this occurred just days after President Joe Biden was seen without a mask in a restaurant. The politicians we have running this country care nothing about citizens, only about themselves.

McAuliffe had just said that a GOP operative was dangerous because they didn’t have a mask on. How “dangerous” was McAuliffe? Not very dangerous at all, and neither are you if you decide not to wear a mask. It’s political theater and a control technique. The fact is, Covid-19 isn’t going away, and it has a 98.4% survivability rate across every demographic.

In the video of McAuliffe greeting supporters, everyone else had a mask on. Was McAuliffe the only “superstar” there that couldn’t bear to have his face hidden?

The same man said that parents shouldn’t say what their kids are learning in school. The decisions made by these elected officials are getting extremely dangerous, and it’s going to affect our lives for years to come. There are so many hypocritical leaders on the left, and the right contributes to the United States’ downfall.

When McAuliffe called the GOP operative dangerous, he said, “Have you been vaccinated yet? That’s what I want to know.” First off, that’s none of his business, and second, he’s not an elected official anymore. Even if he had the right to ask as a Governor, he has no right to know that information as a private citizen.

He then told the person that he needed to wear a mask and that he was dangerous. Hypocrisy at its finest! He can call someone dangerous and then do the same thing the person was doing and be praised for helping division in this country.