Kayleigh McEnany Reveals The Grim Reality About ‘Monster’ Andrew Cuomo

All calls for Governor Andrew Cuomo have been answered, and Cuomo has stepped down. Not only has the White House advocated for Cuomo to resign, but Kayleigh McAnany and many others have called for it as well.

Cuomo has largely been kept out of the news because of his brother, Chris Cuomo. Chris is a headline news anchor at CNN and has assisted with the network keeping his brother out of the report because accurate information isn’t essential when your relative is involved. The American people don’t deserve to know his family business, and they have to be scared about Covid-19 and other fear-mongering political matters.

When you label someone a monster, you have to take a few factors into the accusation. The continued action of the individual is essential when it harms others. Consistency of the action shows a direct, coordinated effort to intact the harm for personal gain and offers a character trait that has been formed over time. Sexual abusers generally use tactics that will work, and in Cuomo’s case, it may have worked a few times, but it didn’t in many other issues. Photographs and victim claims show a direct action that Cuomo tried over and over on different women.

Cuomo intentionally placed himself and others in positions that would lead him to his sexual advances. This creates a dangerous and unprecedented work environment for anybody near Cuomo and with his power and authority as governor, it places victims in a difficult position to report these crimes.

Luckily, Cuomo resigned, but that doesn’t mean he’s immune from responsibility. Criminal and civil charges are incoming, Cuomo. Get ready!