Kennedy’s Campaign Surpasses Electoral Vote Threshold As Allegations Of Bias Plague Biden Administration

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s independent presidential campaign has achieved a significant milestone by submitting the required signatures to secure ballot access in states representing over 270 electoral votes. This accomplishment comes amid growing accusations that the Biden administration is actively undermining Kennedy’s candidacy by withholding Secret Service protection and barring him from participating in the upcoming presidential debates.

The refusal to grant Kennedy Secret Service protection, despite his increasing security concerns stemming from his family history and recent campaign incidents, has raised eyebrows among political observers. Critics argue that the administration’s decision to deny protection to a candidate who has demonstrated a viable path to the presidency is not only unfair but also puts Kennedy’s safety at risk. This apparent bias against the independent candidate calls into question the impartiality of the process and suggests a deliberate attempt to hinder his campaign.

Moreover, Kennedy’s exclusion from the presidential debates has drawn condemnation from both his supporters and unexpected quarters, including former President Donald Trump. In a surprising show of support, Trump recently expressed his desire to see Kennedy on the debate stage, acknowledging that his presence would be beneficial to the democratic process. However, CNN’s stringent polling criteria, which demand a 15% threshold in four national polls, have prevented Kennedy from qualifying for the debates thus far.

Allegations of “collusion” between the Biden and Trump campaigns to keep Kennedy out of the debates have further fueled the controversy surrounding his exclusion. By denying the independent candidate a platform to present his vision to the American people, the established criteria are seen as favoring the two major-party candidates and undermining the principles of “our democracy.” Voters are effectively deprived of the opportunity to make a fully informed decision based on a diverse range of perspectives.

As Kennedy’s campaign gains traction, securing ballot access in crucial swing states and attracting a growing number of supporters, the Biden administration’s actions appear increasingly questionable. The withholding of Secret Service protection and the exclusion from the debates point to a systematic effort to stifle the voice of a formidable third-party contender who threatens to disrupt the political status quo.

It is imperative that all candidates, irrespective of their party affiliations, are treated equitably and afforded equal opportunities to engage with the electorate. By denying Kennedy the protection and exposure he deserves, the Biden administration is not only risking the candidate’s well-being but also eroding public trust in the fairness and integrity of the electoral process.

As the 2024 presidential race reaches a critical juncture, it is incumbent upon the Biden administration to address these serious allegations and take steps to ensure that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. receives the same rights and protections as his major-party counterparts. Only by fostering a level playing field can the American people have a genuine choice in the upcoming election and confidence in the robustness of their democratic institutions.

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