Kevin McCarthy Has An Important Foreign Policy Message For the White House

Time and time again, the Biden White House has shown its incompetence when it comes to making sound foreign policy decisions.

Back in 2021, Biden botched the removal of US troops from Afghanistan. He led the Taliban back into power, cost 13 brave American soldiers their lives, and then claimed the entire ordeal was a “success.”

This year, Biden’s failures in Afghanistan came back to haunt him. Sensing Biden’s lack of skill in the foreign policy department, Russian President Vladimir Putin decided the time to strike Ukraine finally arrived.

This very troubling pattern of bad foreign policy choices is as clear as day; yet, in spite of it all, Biden remains asleep at the wheel.

Thankfully, Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has shared some important foreign policy advice that the White House should listen to, per Fox News.

McCarthy’s Warning About Ukraine and Taiwan

On Easter Sunday, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy spoke truth to power. He pointed out the danger of Biden’s failure to get necessary weapons to Ukraine before Russia invaded.

After making note of this, the California congressman explained that had Biden sent arms to Ukraine much sooner, this could have deterred Russia from invading and saved countless lives.

McCarthy then warned the president not to repeat the same mistakes when it comes to Taiwan. Already, there are very reliable predictions that China could invade Taiwan, especially after seeing how poor Biden responded to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

To avoid another repeat of what’s happening in Ukraine, McCarthy called upon Biden to send arms to Taiwan. This is a move that could potentially prevent China from striking Taiwan.

Since Russia’s Ukraine invasion, China has only solidified its alliance with Russia. In addition to this, China claims the United States is to blame for the various war crimes being committed in Ukraine.

If there was ever a time for a president to take measured and strategic, preventative actions, that time would be now.

Will Biden Heed the Warning?

At this time, it’s unclear who the president is going to for foreign policy advice. Yet, whatever source Biden’s getting guidance from is leading him — and America — astray.

If this president has even a little bit of sense left, he’ll listen to McCarthy and take the recommended action. As the House Minority Leader pointed out, Taiwan’s been waiting for years on the necessary weapons to defend its homeland.

With America’s enemies growing stronger, more ruthless, and more threatening to democracy, Biden needs to wake up and act before it’s too late.