Klain Can’t Keep The Biden Lies Straight While John Kennedy Brilliantly Takes Them Apart

President Joe Biden’s administration is so divided that they can’t even keep up with their narrative. When Biden and his staff make so many nonsensical statements, it’s obvious that nobody will be able to keep up. Especially when things are said in press releases, but there’s never action taken.

Biden’s framework of the “Build Back Better” plan is full of lies. Biden said, “It’s fiscally responsible. It’s fully paid for.” Both are lies.

If it cost nothing, then there would be no need to tax billionaires anything more. I’m sure everyone could come to agreements to tax billionaires a couple of percentage points and tax everyone else a couple of percentage points less. No more than 5% each way. That’s not out of the scope of reality.

Senator John Kennedy was on Fox News, and when the topic of Biden’s plan cost zero dollars, he said, “Somebody’s been smoking the devil’s lettuce” and followed up with “Either that or they think the American people are morons and will believe anything.”

Kennedy chuckled about the statement, which you should, too.

He also said, “The Democrats are pretty much in total disarray. President Biden is basically like Kevin Bacon at the end of Animal House where people are stampeding him, and he’s saying, ‘Calm down, be calm, everything’s under control.’”

It is like that. They have no idea how to get on the same page because they can’t stop arguing.

Ron Klain is a perfect example of the Biden administration not being on the same page. Klain tweeted, “It’s twice as big, in real dollars, as the New Deal was. It can be the Congress that goes from 12 years of universal education to 14 years; makes the largest investment in fighting climate change ever; that cut’s what families pay for child care in half.”

The fact is, education isn’t the only way to get ahead in life. Experience should be an enormous desire rather than education. And, if the government isn’t going to raise taxes, how will it pay for it? There’s no way to do it.

Another exciting part of the tweet is that if it costs zero dollars, how can it be twice as much in real dollars? Is Biden playing with Monopoly money right now, and he gets an actual dollar amount when it’s passed? What is Klain even talking about?

There’s no way to convince Americans, much less the world, that the Democrats are unified and come together on these things. The genuinely interesting part of all of this is that Democrats don’t even know if all of their Congress members will support the bills. Just because there are two Democrats that are publicly against it, Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ), but they don’t know who else is against the bills. It’s going to come down to the day of the vote to find out who supports it and who doesn’t.