Kyrsten Sinema Is ‘The Hold Out’ For The Build Back Better Act, Told CNN ‘She Has The Entire Country In Mind’

Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) has been very monumental in the fight against the Democrat’s radical agenda. There’s been pushback with Sinema in the infrastructure bill.

Sinema has taken a lot of heat from voters when she’s been out in public spanning everywhere from a public restroom to an airplane. When speaking with CNN, Sinema was questioned about the Build Back Better Act and wasn’t as upfront about her answer on voting on the bill.

“As an Arizonan, I’m always ready to cast my ballot, and I always vote for what is best for the state. To craft legislation that genuinely represents our goals, we need to be thoughtful and careful to craft legislation that benefits the people of Arizona and the country. In other words, that is what I’m currently working on,” Sinema said.

Good. Since President Joe Biden got elected, it’s been evident that Sinema has the country in mind and her state. We thank her for that.

When Sinema was asked what changes she would like to see to the Build Back Better Act, she said, “well, folks know I don’t negotiate in the press. I’m not going to do that with you.” That’s respectable, but it would have been nice to have a little insight so that we’re not waiting for the Christmas present under the tree that could potentially be disastrous to the country.

Sinema continued, “I will not support any legislation that increases burdens on Arizonan or American businesses and reduces our ability to compete on a domestic or global scale. I want to make sure that if we draft legislation, we do so in a lean and efficient manner that is fiscally responsible and does not have an impact on things like inflation or make our businesses less competitive.”

Honestly, anything passed at this point that doesn’t have the cash to sit on the table has the potential to affect inflation, businesses, and families. If the Democrats were smart, they would wait until the economy regulated and we got further from the COVID-19 pandemic. That would give them a more substantial base and help out the country.

When asked about not raising the corporate tax rate and what people thought about it and if people took her seriously, Sinema responded, “You know, I don’t spend a lot of time worrying about what other people say in public. I want to concentrate on arriving at a solution and solving a problem that affects ordinary Arizonans. And people in Arizona know that I am dedicated to ensuring that any legislation we pass maintains American competitiveness.”

Sinema knows what’s at stake. She knows that Americans need to be taken care of, and they can’t afford to pay any more at the store, gas pump, vehicle dealership, or anywhere else they’re going to buy products.