LA Times: Biden Should Declare a ‘Climate Emergency’

It’s not enough that the U.S. Senate just cleared the way for hundreds of billions to be poured into the climate boondoggle. Now the L.A. Times insists on the Biden administration declaring a “climate emergency” to push the nation further down the inflationary rabbit hole.

The horrifically misnamed Inflation Reduction Act shovels tax funds the nation does not have to spend into the environmental money pit. To the Times, however, that is a mere drop in the bucket.

Instead of being happy with this rare victory for the Biden administration, the leftist paper pushed the White House to go further. They harken back to promises made to battle the so-called crisis with “presidential proclamations, executive orders, and regulatory power.”

Of course, the last option diminished dramatically when the Supreme Court correctly ruled earlier this year that federal agencies do not have unlimited powers to act. If their rules create large shifts in the economy, they must instead originate from Congress, as the constitution clearly stipulates.

The paper declared that the national emergency declaration would provide more tools and resources.

That, of course, would be on top of the hundreds of billions already earmarked for windmills and electric vehicles.

Americans may soon need to keep notes on the growing list of emergencies the nation faces. Of course there’s the never-ending COVID-19 panic, the recent monkeypox declaration, and now demands for a climate emergency.

The Times specifically believes that Biden has the power in his hands — or would in a national emergency — to stop climate-related disasters. He would also, with executive action, boost clean energy and drive the country further away from fossil fuels.

Congress and the administration are already adding enough IRS agents to make the agency another military branch.

Now they are being urged by influential voices to absorb even more unconstitutional power into the executive branch for yet another emergency.

This is hardly the system of checks and balances the Founding Fathers created in Philadelphia. Rather, if Congress cannot or will not do what the left insists on, then the left believes the White House needs to act unilaterally. This is clearly not democracy.