Larry Elder CHEERING After Finding Out Who Will Campaign For Newsom

Not to root for the guy, but the worst thing that California Governor Gavin Newsom can do is let President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris campaign for him. Usually, you would want someone to stay as far away from you with an approval rating under 40%, but Newsom is welcoming it like a homecoming event.

Larry Elder, Newsom’s closest competition, can rest easy knowing that Biden and Harris will be on the campaign trail for the failed governor. It’s a storybook moment. With our country’s top leaders, you’re looking at what is happening to California on the federal level. The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer, and criminals are incentivized.

Elder has had eggs thrown at him, been called the black face of white supremacy, and ridiculed for wanting Californians to have freedom. It goes to show what level of racism the Democrats are willing to go when they’re opposing a Republican candidate. Imagine former President Barack Obama was walking down the street and a female with a monkey mask throwing an egg at him. It wouldn’t sit well, would it? Well, that happened to Elder, and it doesn’t sit well with Republicans either. The audacity of someone to blatantly use the Democrat party as a disguise for racism. I guess that’s what happened when the Democrats party formed the Ku Klux Klan.

Biden and Harris are sure to sway voters in Elder’s direction because people are pissed off. California used to be a hotbed for social achievements, but it’s turned into a radical leftist Hollywood theatrical show as homeless line the streets and homicides skyrocket. You can’t even film a movie without meeting racial guidelines set by the “woke” side of our population.

Resisting tyrannical leaders is what this country was founded on. Elder wants to make a difference in the fight for freedom and show Californians what the Republican side of the aisle can offer. Newsom knows he’s in trouble and probably knows that Biden and Harris will ultimately lose him voters, but he can’t say no to the Democrats and their will to fight forward. It’s going to be an exciting show.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed Biden’s campaign schedule but said more details would come closer to Biden’s time in California.

A recent US Berkley poll shows that 38% of likely voters prefer Elder over any other candidate. It is excellent news for California Republicans, and the stronghold can only get stronger when Biden and Harris mess everything up.

Harris isn’t particularly liked by Californians either. Harris’ prosecuting record shows that she disproportionately jailed Back Americans for minor marijuana charges and then laughed about the times she smoked marijuana.

Elder’s seems to have this recall election nailed, but we won’t know until after September 14th, the day of the recall election.