Lawmaker Urges Elon Musk to Bring Twitter to Texas

A Texas state lawmaker said last week Elon Musk should “absolutely consider” moving Twitter from San Francisco to the Lone Star State.

State Representative Tan Parker told Fox Business that Musk should consider the same relocation he undertook with Tesla for his latest acquisition. Parker described Musk’s decision to bring electric vehicle giant Tesla to Texas as “tremendous” and the “right choice.” Musk also moved SpaceX to Texas near the new Tesla facilities there.

Parker said the decision for Twitter’s long-term home is no different, since Musk already “realizes Texas is the most business friendly state in America.”

Republican Governor Greg Abbott posted a tweet last week that similarly suggested Musk should move Twitter to Texas to join his other businesses.

Musk was finally prompted to move Tesla headquarters out of California last year during disputes with Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom. California politicians as a whole did not seem eager to fight to keep Tesla in the Golden State, as indicated by a tweet posted by Assemblywoman Lorena Gonalez simply saying “F— Elon Musk.”

Musk said that it had become “tough” for Tesla people to afford housing in California and also said there are serious limitations to scaling up production in the Bay Area.

Parker also said he is comfortable speaking on behalf of the Texas legislature in saying the state would “obviously encourage” a move similar to the relocation of Tesla and SpaceX. He said the state will “roll out the red carpet” to make sure Musk would want to move Twitter as well.

Parker also touted Texas’s “pretty extraordinary environment,” noting the state is low tax overall and has no state income tax. He pointed out the comparison to California’s tax structure shows there is no contest between the two locations.

Musk has only said so far that he wants to make Twitter “better than ever” with new features, open source algorithms for transparency, ending spam bots, and bringing an ethos of free speech back to the platform.

Musk has said that the company has “extraordinary potential” that he plans to unlock. The final closing of the sale of the company to Musk is expected later this year.