Leftist Politico Labels Meghan Markle Among 2022 Narcissists ‘We All Got Tired Of’

Might Meghan Markle be one of America’s most unliked people? The infamous wife of Prince Harry, who was once rumored to be networking with Democrats for a potential presidential run, was given the honor of being featured on left-wing outlet Politico’s list of 2022 narcissists.

The piece was written by Politico contributing editor Joanna Weiss, who nominated Elon Musk, Sam Bankman-Fried, Ye (né Kanye West), Elizabeth Holmes, and Donald Trump as prominent figures who “used attention as currency and ego as fuel.”

Weiss titled the article: “2022 Is the Year We All Finally Got Tired of Narcissists.”

As some may recall, Markle infamously appeared with her husband on a special with Oprah Winfrey to claim she was driven away from the royal family due to their alleged racism.

Prince Harry agreed with his wife at the time; The Duke of Sussex said that over 70 members of the British Parliament “called out the colonial undertones of articles and headlines written about Meghan” while “no one” from his family “ever said anything.”

Markle has spoken negatively about the British royal family on numerous occasions. The Duchess of Sussex notably mocked their traditional curtsy gesture in a recent Netflix show featuring herself. In reaction to this as well as numerous other occurrences, some Brits have accused her of using the royal family for fame and have suggested she should dissociate herself from them entirely.

Weiss described the moment she grew tired of Megan and Harry alike:

[…] somewhere between the fifth and sixth hour of “Harry and Meghan,” the new Netflix documentary series produced by the former Duke and Duchess of Sussex and filmed at their California mansion — which suggests that there is no one more in love, no one more socially conscious, no one more aggrieved — my natural sympathy for the couple started turning to irritation, and it occurred to me that ego has its limits.

The author offered her analysis on what constitutes “grandiose narcissists,” writing, “They believe they’re the absolute best at what they do. They go to great lengths to protect and defend their egos. They strive to be unique and promote themselves energetically.”

Harry and Meghan fit that bill perfectly. The pair have struck deals with Netflix, interviewed with Opera, addressed the United Nations, and even secured a $20 million advance for Harry’s tell-all memoir, “Spare,” per Breitbart News.