Leftist Pro-Immigrant Protestors Arrested For Marauding DHS Secretary’s Home

Some pro-immigrant group named Never Again Action, which also features Star of David emoji in its Twitter name (so maybe they’re Jewish, or also pro-Jewish), sent protestors out last week to the Department of Homeland Security Secretary’s home to demonstrate in protest of the Biden Administration’s slow roll in repealing Trump White House ICE contracts.

One of the protestors could be heard yelling, “It might as well be called the Whitey House” (just kidding). But seriously, the protestors said that some 115 Trump White House contracts with Immigration and Customs Enforcement “terrorize immigrants.”

President Joe Biden, upon taking office, quickly signed several executive orders within the first two months to reform U.S. immigration policy with the stroke of the president’s pen, in many cases liberalizing it, working to increase immigration and defer deportations.

But these weren’t enough to keep last week’s protestors off Mayorkas’ house. As Brett T. reports at Twitchy, they’re upset that Brandon promised to cancel the ICE contracts and hasn’t gotten around to it yet. To be fair to Brandon, he’s got his hands full with lawsuits from multiple states for his unconstitutional vaccine mandates and such shenanigans as president.

Surely these protestors understand the importance of triage in a Global. Pandemic. Right? All joking aside, the demonstrators went to the DHS chief’s house with 115 stacks of papers they say represent the contracts (or maybe we’re all the contracts printed out) in boxes and piled them up on Mayorkas’ front steps.

Peaceful protest of public policy for public redress of grievances is one thing, but going to an individual’s house to protest is menacing. And there should be a global culture regarding doxing alone as incredibly taboo, much more so going to someone’s house uninvited to initiate an aggressive interaction.

Mayorkas’ wives and daughters should not live in any fear of being in their own home just because their husband/dad is on the wrong side of an activist’s urgent priorities. That is foul.

The inviolable sanctity of a person’s right to live harassed by others in their own home is a far more fundamental and uncontroversial principle than those at play in the controversial and complicated immigration debate that has been going on for as long there has been the United States. So violating a more basic and uncontroversial principle needed to safeguard all of us is not a tactic that comports with the ultimate aims of an ostensibly humanitarian group.

Never Again Action posted photos and video of police officers they guessed were Secret Service arresting protestors, claiming their “crime” was “stacking Trump’s ICE contracts outside the home of DHS Secretary Mayorkas, calling on him to cancel them as he promised.”

That’s not a crime in Washington D.C. or anywhere in the United States. Their offense was probably causing a nuisance or violating some menacing, criminal statute. And even if you are growing more skeptical that the police are really on the side of liberty, law, and justice, as I have in recent years, learning these protestors got arrested for rolling upon a man’s house is something I can live with.