Leftists Disrupt Press Conference After Shooting Of Armed Suspect Who Rammed Federal Building

After Seattle police shot and killed an armed suspect who rammed his vehicle into a federal building Saturday night, activists disrupted the subsequent press conference and harassed media members on the site. Protesters shouted over police representatives attempting to report the details of the federal building attack and next shooting, a scene that has played out repeatedly in blue cities as beleaguered officers mop up messes the “activists” cause.

Authorities say cops responded to shots fired at the federal building and found an armed male suspect had crashed his vehicle into the structure. They found the suspect still armed with a rifle when they arrived and multiple officers fired shots “for reasons that are still under investigation.”

Seattle police said officers and medics attempted to render aid to the suspect, but he died at the scene.

The suspect is thus far unidentified and SPD says they will release body-camera video from the incident within 72 hours. Its Force Investigations Team, which probes all police-related shootings, will investigate the incident.

The Democrat-dominated city has been battered by a wave of violent crime that has shop owners shuttering their businesses and residents calling for stronger police protection. One businessperson told reporters the city has abandoned downtown and no longer responds to calls about criminal incidents.

The unidentified suspect’s death marked the third person killed by gunfire in the downtown area of Seattle in just a week.

With the city’s violent crime rate racing past the record set just a year ago, residents are reportedly lining up for gun purchases and self-defense classes. With over 300 Seattle officers leaving the department, it has become glaringly apparent that the police will be on the scene to take pictures, not prevent violent crime.

One Seattle gun shop owner notes an 80% increase in first-time gun buyers since the COVID-19 outbreak. Legal experts, however, warn that Washington state law only allows the force used to defend yourself to be proportional to the force you are protecting yourself from.

So, a woman physically assaulted by a much stronger man is supposed to fight back with her fists?

A downtown restaurateur named Mauro Golmarvi told a local Seattle radio station that former Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan would have been prosecuted for the damage she brought onto the city if not for COVID. “What we need is to get criminals arrested again,” Golvarvi said. “We people pay so many taxes. Why don’t we get help?”

And, for the record, why hasn’t an armed attack on a federal building received more attention from the media? It is hardly the first incident of federal property being damaged or destroyed. The “activists” disrupting the police press conference provides a powerful clue as to the likely political affiliation of the suspect.