Leftists Double Down On Claiming Your Kids

Liberals no longer try to hide that they are coming for everyone’s children. Whether it’s pornography in school libraries or “transitioning” kids behind their parents’ backs, their unmistakable mantra is that the nation’s youth belong to everyone.

In just the past week, there are glaring instances that prove parental rights no longer matter to leftist Democrats.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre did not hesitate to lay claim to other people’s children. Saturday night she attacked states that banned gender mutilation surgery and chemical horrors to protect children from misguided medical practices.

She said that she has met parents of “trans kids” recently who are now considering leaving their home states to access this “care.”

Jean-Pierre said this is something we all must call out since “these are kids. These are our kids. They belong to all of us.”


These dangerous sentiments are far from hers alone. On Friday afternoon, Biden’s secretary of education joined the call for communal living. Miguel Cardona tweeted, “Teachers know what is best for their kids because they are the ones with them every day. We must trust teachers.”

Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott strongly disagreed. In response to this ridiculous statement, he tweeted that “parents know what is best for THEIR kids. They are THE most important voice in their child’s education — period.”

As for those teachers, one in Florida took quite a stand last week on the role — or lack of a role — for parents in public education. Jenna Barbee is a fifth grade teacher in the Hernando County School District.

She recently showed a film with LGBT themes to her elementary students, which violates Florida law unless it is related to the school’s curriculum. Parents rightly noted that it is also not her job to teach these types of subjects to their children.

How did she respond?

Barbee declared that the parents are “not in the school system. These conversations, these doors that she’s talking about, telling me that I’m stripping her rights as a parent — those rights are gone when your child is in the public school system.”

That is a frank admission of what many on the left obviously believe. They are laying claim to America’s children to pursue their ideology, and parental rights are being thrown out of the window.