Lemon ‘Laments’ Over Jeff Zucker And Chris Cuomo ‘Leaving’ CNN

There’s further evidence that the left has turned on itself. You can tell when news anchors turn on their own from the same network when they’ve taken up for them in the past. It couldn’t be more evident than CNN. Anchors and employees are dropping like flies.

It’s not surprising that Don Lemon would turn on Chris Cuomo after being given a spot on CNN plus, the networked paid app. It’s unlikely that the platform will survive on an app because they can barely survive on their own for free.

Lemon spoke of Chris Cuomo getting paid severance after being fired after Jason Kilar asked about it.

“Did you consider the message that sends to the company’s journalists, as well as the general public, that someone can be found breaking those journalistic norms and then get paid well for it?”

That’s not a terrible answer from Lemon, but we know he’s a leftist pawn in the game of control.

It wouldn’t be so odd, though, if Lemon and Cuomo hadn’t spoken so highly of their relationship outside of CNN and how much they got along.

Cuomo, of course, had used his journalistic ties to check on the investigation into his brother, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. That move got him fired. Andrew went through carnal assault allegations when Chris began snooping on the investigation to help his brother out.

Lemon and Cuomo even had a Podcast, where the synopsis said, “The affection that viewers see between CNN’s Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo at the handoff between their broadcasts each night is genuine. They’re now stepping out from behind the anchor desk for a weekly discussion in which nothing is off-limits.” That’s very cute.

When Jeff Zucker left CNN after having a sensual relationship with a colleague, Lemon said, “Thank you, Jeff Zucker, for everything you’ve done for everyone on this network and for what you’ve done for the entire country.” Again adorable.

Lemon then gave a heartfelt goodbye. “It’s been a tough day today and a tough few days for us here at CNN.”

For what? Lemon didn’t do anything, did he? It was Zucker.

“The reality is, we’re all upset because we lost our leader here. We lost a man who was the company’s backbone, glue, and energy, the man I praise for changing my life, the man who held on to me when no one else did.”

Lemon, nobody believes in you now, much less last month when Zucker was still there.

Lemon continued, “Think about it: he’s the reason you have a gay, Black man with two hours of primetime, a show with my name on it, the only anchor of color in primetime on cable news. Would you like to discuss diversity? It’s here.”

Regardless of race, because that’s irrelevant to Lemon’s position, Lemon’s only known as a gay man because he told others about his gender preference. If Lemon had kept it to himself, nobody would know or care if he was gay or not. Lemon’s comments are falling on deaf ears.