The Virginia Governor’s Election Results Have Left The Liberal Media In Disarray

The recent elections are causing a stir in people. The Virginia race specifically. The tight race between Democrat Terry McAuliffe and Republican Glenn Youngkin was about more than politics. It was about freedom and parents.

The race was centered around McAuliffe’s previous statements where he said that parents have no right to say what schools decide to teach. That was one of the major pushes for people to vote against him.

Now that Youngkin won, the media is going crazy. Leftists can’t believe that people would want to choose what their children get taught, and they can’t believe that anyone would want to be a free-thinking patriotic American.

The race has been called, but the recent numbers show that there’s no doubt that Youngkin won, even though a hefty 75% voted for McAuliffe in “early by mail votes.”

When you hear the leftist media talking about politics, they talk as if there’s only one reasonable option; Democrat. They are “fake news,” They shouldn’t be considered journalists. Instead, they should be called propagandists.

MSNBC noted that there was very little importance for Covid-19 and focused on education, and Joy Reid said, “It was education, which is code for White parents who don’t like the idea of teaching about race.”

No parent, regardless of race, should be okay with schools teaching about social issues. It doesn’t matter what it is: race, gender, whatever. Social issues are taught at home, and knowledge is taught at school.

Cornell Belcher said that the Democrats thought these “college-educated suburban White voters” would support the Democrat party but didn’t show up for Democrats at the polls.

The real issue is that the media can’t be honest about anything. Their inability to tell Americans what’s happening and be honest about how bad President Joe Biden is for this country and how they demonized former President Donald Trump during his term is why Democrats are losing. Once more Republicans get in, they’ll see how different things can be and how great Republicans can be for this country.

Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan will have a lot to contend with since it’s clear that Americans aren’t on board with their desires. Even Biden’s massive spending bills aren’t as popular as Biden believes they are, and they have lost the steam they initially bragged about.