Liberal Snowflakes Melt Over This Joke Kevin Mccarthy Made About Nancy Pelosi

Satire is not for the faint of heart. If you are easily upset, you should probably avoid the political stage since you will be scrutinized sometimes, and some hurtful words will be sent your way.

Nancy Pelosi is probably the most sensitive among all politicians, getting defensive even when she’s done something wrong and blaming everyone else for problems she created. Kevin McCarthy went after Pelosi about the January 6th commission and removed all republicans from the considerations for the investigation because Pelosi constantly denied good nominees for positions.

Recently, McCarthy received a giant gavel with “fire Pelosi” inscribed on it. McCarthy said, “It’ll be hard not to hit her with it, but I’ll bang it down.” McCarthy didn’t threaten Pelosi and was well within the first amendment to say what he did.

Under Tennessee general statute, the state where McCarthy commented, communicating threats can be interpreted as:

  • She is communicating a threat to another person. The danger must insinuate harm to the other person, and a reasonable person must interpret the communication as a threat of harm.
  • Communicating with another person, knowingly or anonymously, with the intent to alarm, annoy, or frighten the recipient.

It would have to be believed that McCarthy would have the ability, desire, and intention of harming Pelosi for him to have committed a crime. It would also have to be thought that a reasonable person would interpret the statement as a threat of harm. None of those examples fit this type of statement. The statement was made a joke, as many other politicians have joked about harming other politicians before.

Kamala Harris was on Ellen DeGeneres in 2018 and was asked if she was stuck in an elevator with Donald Trump, Mike Pence, or Jeff Sessions. Who would it be, and Harris responded, “does one of us have to come out alive?” This time, still a joke. No intent to commit harm, but a nasty statement nonetheless.

In snowflake fashion, many Democrats are calling for McCarthy’s resignation, but he has no reason to resign. He’s done nothing wrong. The first amendment and Tennessee general statute cover his speech and the first amendment, and whatever state Harris was in when she made her statement covers her speech. It shows you that when somebody’s feelings are hurt, they’ll try just about anything to get revenge.

Pelosi has called McCarthy a moron prior to this incident and she’s gone against the mask mandates and business closings, got her husband a $5 million payday, and comes from a time where calling your spouse a battle-ax was an insult and cigarettes were $.30 a pack. Her justification of abuses doesn’t stand much weight in today’s era. Not to mention she needs to get out of office before she’s just as senile as Joe Biden is.

She clearly didn’t understand what free speech is and what it encompasses and doesn’t want to know. It fits her agenda better if she can be offended by everything.