Lime Scooters Takes Action After Pride Crosswalk Vandalism Leads To Felony Charges

In the wake of alleged vandalism targeting a Pride crosswalk in Spokane, Washington, Lime scooter rental company has implemented a “no go zone” around the colorful pavement. The move comes after three teenagers were arrested and charged with first-degree malicious mischief, a Class B felony, for allegedly causing “widespread damage” to the mural using scooter skid marks.

The incident occurred just hours after the Pride crosswalk had been repainted following a separate act of vandalism in May when a group of people set fire to it. Lime’s “no go zone” was put into effect on June 7, two days after the alleged scooter skid mark incident took place.

Under the new policy, scooters will automatically come to a stop when riders enter the designated area, as detected by the vehicle’s onboard GPS. To resume their ride, users will be required to walk their scooter out of the “no go zone,” which is clearly indicated by red shading and a restricted symbol on the Lime app’s map.

Hayden Harvey, Director of Government Relations at Lime, expressed the company’s strong condemnation of the “vile acts” and reaffirmed their commitment to ensuring that the “hateful few” do not spoil the joy of Pride Month in Spokane. He also expressed gratitude for those working to make the city more welcoming and inclusive for all.

The implementation of the “no go zone” serves as a proactive measure to prevent further acts of vandalism and to show support for the LGBTQ+ community during Pride Month.

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