Lincoln Project Issues $100,000 Confidential Settlement to Cofounder

The Lincoln Project has paid another large settlement to one of its founding members who claimed the super-PAC overlooked claims of sexual misconduct by its membership.

Campaign finance filings show that the PAC paid $100,000 to Jennifer Horn during the first quarter of 2022. That comes in addition to $475,000 in legal payments made since Horn resigned from the Lincoln Project. She quit the group while accusing it of ignoring allegations that cofounder John Weaver made unwanted sexual advances toward more than 20 young men.

Weaver eventually responded to the allegations that surfaced in January 2021 by admitting that he sent inappropriate sexual content in messages to multiple men. The New York Times reported that he repeatedly offered professional support to young men in exchange for sex and that he groomed a 14-year-old boy in an online relationship and then engaged in sexual communications with him after he turned 18.

The conditions of the settlement payment to Horn have not been disclosed, raising speculation that the Lincoln Project may have reached an agreement with Horn to ensure she does not publicize details of the allegations.

Horn last publicly criticized the organization last October for hiring actors to pose as white supremacists at a rally for Republican Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin during his campaign against Democrat Terry McAuliffe.

The confidential settlement appears to bring an end to a public battle between Horn and the Lincoln Project following her resignation. She previously expressed harsh feelings about how the PAC handled the Weaver allegations. She said that leaders in the group lied to her and “demeaned” her about their cover-up of the allegations.

The Lincoln Project also publicized private messages between Horn and a reporter covering the Weaver story. The PAC said at the time that Horn’s resignation was due to a “contract dispute’ regarding her demands for a $250,000 signing bonus and $40,000 per month consulting payments.

Even though the Lincoln Project says that it rejected the demands it claims Horn made, it paid her a $250,000 lump sum payment last July and has paid her at least $25,000 each month since then, all coming after her resignation.