Liz Cheney Funded by Top Democratic Donors

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) has significantly fallen out of favor with the Republican Party. Conservatives and Republicans alike routinely express concerns that Cheney is putting a personal vendetta against former President Trump above the betterment of the nation.

Cheney’s presence on the Democrat-led January 6 committee also hasn’t done anything to quell the reservations of the conservative movement.

Within the GOP, Cheney remains widely regarded as a Republican in Name Only (RINO). As she’s up for re-election this year, the Wyoming congressman is being challenged by Republican Harriet Hageman.

Hageman is not only many points ahead of Cheney in the polls, but she’s also got the endorsement of Trump behind her as well.

Now, news is breaking that a good deal of Cheney’s funding is coming from Democrats tied to left-wing heavyweights like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Who’s Really Bankrolling Cheney?
Left-wing donor Jeffrey Katzenberg has donated tens of thousands of dollars to Cheney amid her efforts to remain in office. Several other wealthy leftist donors are throwing their weight behind Cheney, saying they admire her consistently placing “country over party.”

Many Democrats, by their own admission, believe that Cheney is a hero standing up against supposed corruption in the GOP.

Likewise, these donors are aligned with the congresswoman’s view that Trump should never again hold public office.

The support from left-wing donors mirrors the feedback Cheney receives on social media as well. Many people who hate Trump, Republicans, and the America First movement haven’t hesitated to lionize Cheney as a hero to be admired.

What Brought This On?
In June, Americans learned of Cheney sending out flyers to Wyoming Democrats, asking them to switch to the GOP so she can get their votes in the August primary election.

This is what ultimately caught the attention of left-wing donors, allowing Cheney to rake in funds. In Wyoming, however, Republicans outnumber Democrats many times over.

This means that even if every single Wyoming Democrat flipped to the GOP for the sole purpose of backing Cheney in the primary election, her massive trail behind Hageman would still be an issue.

Today, many Republicans warn that Cheney is done in politics and should pack it in. Others have called on the congresswoman to actually leave the GOP and join the Democrats.