Lori Lightfoot Is In “Lock Step” With The Democrat Radicals With COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has failed in more ways than one and will have openly admitted that the COVID-19 vaccine mandates are meant to make the life of being unvaccinated uncomfortable. That’s the definition of authoritarianism. That type of attitude deserves no spot in politics, power, or authority.

Lightfoot COVID-19 vaccine mandate on bars, restaurants, gyms, etc. Is following the lead of other cities like New York City, Boston, and Washington, D.C. There’s reason to be hesitant to follow these orders because it is opening the door for elected officials to rule over the public’s life in the name of public health. Today it may be a COVID-19 vaccine mandate, and tomorrow it could be a ban on religious practice. The possibilities are endless unless people stand up now.

Lightfoot tweeted, “We didn’t want it to get to this point, but given the situation we find ourselves in, we have no choice.”

Yes, Lori, you do have a choice. And yes, you did want it to get to this point.

What Lightfoot means by that tweet is that every person in the city isn’t vaccinated. That’s what she means when she says “give the situation,” and you should know that. It’s not a coincidence that Biden said, “We’ve been patient, but it’s wearing thin. And your refusal has cost us all.”

Radical Democrats across the country are following the orders of their leader.

The mandate starts January 3, 2022, and it’s expected to result in the same for businesses that happened in New York City. It’s hurting business, and it can’t be a good thing moving forward. It is an assault on the middle class.

The goal is to force every person to get the COVID-19 vaccine regardless of its safety.

Responses on Twitter to Lightfoot’s mandate have been as expected. Some are for it, but more than not, people are against it.

One user replied, “This health order may pose as fascist to the unvaccinated, and it is fascist by design.”

Fascism is a pandemic in the United States. It’s not by the Republican party initially pushed by Antifa, but by the Democrat politicians on this Big Pharma regime provided by Dr. Anthony Fauci and these major pharmaceutical corporations. Billions have been taken in by the COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers, and it’s going to continue. Best yet? They’re protected from liability under the emergency use authorization with the PREP Act.