Maine Church’s Pro-Life Sign Vandalized With Pro-Abortion Message

Leftists apparently vandalized the pro-life sign on a Maine church, and the congregation wants law enforcement to treat the incident as the hate crime that it is.

The vile act was discovered Saturday evening at the Second Baptist Church in Palermo. Red paint was thrown onto the sign attached to the white building which read, “Every Life Matters” and “Abortion is Still Murder.”

Two messages were also painted on the property: “Abortion is our human right” and “Queer love 4 eva.”

Maine state Rep. Katrina Smith (R) is a member of the small church. She told WCSH-TV that the attack is “an escalation of violence against the congregation. For someone to come out and vandalize their house of worship, it really is intimidation.”

This is the third such incident targeting the church. The first came in 2019 and the second was just a week before this latest desecration.

The 2019 attack came after a message was placed on the church’s sign proclaiming that Jesus created “Adam and Eve,” not “Adam and Steve.”

Smith expressed her belief that the vandalism falls under Maine’s hate crimes law. She said the church is composed of families and young people in the local area who have done nothing to make themselves targets.

She posted an image of the destruction on her Facebook page and asked if this is how “civilized people speak out against people who have a different view?” Smith cited several issues in Maine in which conservatives lost, including legalization of full-term abortion.”

In June, Democratic Gov. Janet Mills signed into law a bill permitting abortions up until the moment of birth. Leftists even blocked an amendment that would have prohibited the selling of body parts from aborted children.

Smith then asked if anyone had seen Christians react in this deplorable manner. Of course not.

Pastor Joshua Barnes referred to the criminal act in his Sunday morning sermon. However, he expressed doubt that those responsible will be brought to justice.

He said the suspects parked away from the range of security cameras and approached the building in the dark. He called the deed the act of “cowards” and said it will be known who defaced the building.