Manchin Fights Electric Vehicle Imposition

President Joe Biden’s electric vehicle dreams might be dead in the water. Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) said that Biden’s electric vehicle (EV) plans are “ludicrous” and that the United States has to fix the root causes of the problem before forcing them down our throats.

During a Senate hearing that Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg attended, Manchin noted that the focus should be on domestic battery and critical mineral supply chains rather than electric vehicle incentives. The problem, Manchin said, is that China controls most of the world’s mineral mining and it could easily be held over our heads

Speaking about electric vehicles, Manchin said, “There’s a waiting list for EVs right now with the fuel price at $4. But they still want us to throw $5,000 or $7,000 or $12,000 credit to buy an electric vehicle.”

How does Biden and Buttigieg think this is going to go? The more people that get on that waiting list the longer it’s going to take.

Manchin continued, “It makes no sense to me whatsoever when supply and demand – we can’t produce the products for the people who want it and we’re still going to pay them to take it? It’s absolutely ludicrous in my mind. But I’m thinking we are getting ourselves tangled in a situation that we’re not going to be able to supply … everything that’s going to be needed for this product.”

Even if the vehicles were available right now, the infrastructure to charge them isn’t available. Biden’s electric charging stations aren’t up nationwide to charge them and electricity is largely made by burning coal, so the climate crisis isn’t out of the way either.

Manchin asked Buttigieg if the Department of Transportation shared his concern about EV shortages and credits given to those who purchase them and Buttigieg responded, “We are following this closely and I think it’s a great example of one of the areas of manufacturing capacity that we’ve got to do more of right here on American soil. If you look at the timelines that the physicists have laid out on climate, some of them can – in terms of our action and our needs to rise to the challenge – could arguably be measured in months rather than years at this point.”

With an outlook of years in the future, the federal government is making it more difficult for Americans to live with gasoline engines and no plan or supply to provide a replacement.

Buttigieg added, “So, we feel a sense of enormous urgency to accelerate not just the uptake of electric vehicles, but, as you note, their production and our productive capacity for them.”

While it seems great, Buttigieg admitted that there’s no plan at this moment to make that happen otherwise he would have said that it was.

The Build Back Better plan includes up to $12,500 for EV purchases, but the way it sits, Build Back Better isn’t going to pull through.