Manchin’s No Vote Kills Abortion Bill in Senate

While regular Americans are concerned about rising inflation and the inability to get baby formula, the Democrats are trying to codify the ability to have an abortion at any stage of pregnancy. The left is in absolute panic mode about the leaked Supreme Court (SCOTUS) draft memo that reportedly overturns Roe v. Wade.

Protesting outside of Justice’s homes and disrupting Catholic masses does not appear to be moving the needle. The five judges voting to overturn the decision are holding strong. The Democrats introduced a bill that would have created abortion on demand throughout the United States.

Manchin’s vote was critical because a tie in the Senate is resolved by Vice President Kamala Harris and there is no question, she would have been a yes vote. In response, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) continued her overreaction to the situation.

Warren’s reference to the filibuster is misplaced. There was an actual vote on the bill, which was defeated 51-49. Furthermore, she is out of touch with what the electorate wants. 65% say that abortion should be illegal in the second trimester and a huge percentage, 80%, believe that it should be illegal in the third trimester. The Senate bill is radical and extreme based on this polling. Furthermore, it is not a surprise that Manchin voted no given how conservative West Virginia is on the issue. 58% of West Virginians believe abortion should be illegal in all, or most, cases.

Manchin has quickly ascended to one of the most powerful members of the Senate. He has been responsible for saving the filibuster and his single vote stymied the entire abortion bill in the Senate. He also was the reason President Biden was not able to get his huge spending bill through the Senate. The Senator from West Virginia has stayed a moderate while his party has sprinted leftward as fast as possible.

If Roe v. Wade is indeed struck down, the issue will return to the states as the founders intended. The system is working as intended, even if Warren and the Democrats are not happy about it.