Marjorie Taylor Greene ‘Slams’ Pelosi’s Jan 6 Committee For Its Latest Move

Marjorie Taylor-Green (MTG) is a savage when it comes to lashing out at fellow politicians. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is legitimately scared of her, and MTG immediately tried to impeach President Joe Biden after his inauguration and has continued with every impeachable thing Biden does. Good for her.

MTG has recently gone after Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi over the January 6th Commission. Pelosi and others are trying to pressure cell phone companies to release hundreds of people’s personal information and communication to include members of Congress. It would open the door for Democrat control over the population, be detrimental to privacy, and violate the 4th amendment rights of citizens.

A recent case, Carpenter v. The United States says that obtaining cellular information without a warrant violates someone’s 4th amendment rights and would violate the rights of citizens and politicians.

Then again, the Democrats don’t always play by the rules. The Democrats have been known to sway personal business to execute their wishes, just like the Covid-19 vaccine mandates. The White House isn’t mandating them, but they want private companies to order them. Not the most ethical way to push vaccines. Democrats are the ones who are complaining about unemployment ending, and Biden violated federal law with the eviction moratorium.

The issue goes well beyond the investigation. It would allow the federal government to label anyone a potential threat and monitor their communications, and that’s not what America is about. The founding fathers put the 4th amendment in place for occasions just like this to protect every citizen regardless of political or social status from unreasonable search and seizure. Though cell phones didn’t exist at the time, it can be translated very clearly to cell phones where it says, “persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause.”

What’s so difficult to understand?

MTG vowed to take down the companies who violate citizens’ rights, and you can guarantee that she’ll stand by her word.

It’s unfortunate that when Republicans don’t hold a majority, rights are optional. The constitution should be bipartisan protection.