Mark Kelly Staffer Admits Pro-Life Stance Is Lie

A paid campaign field organizer for Arizona Democratic Senate candidate Mark Kelly was caught on undercover video admitting to lying to voters about his supposed pro-life stance.

Project Veritas scored another coup when its undercover reporter spoke with Evynn Bronson. The staffer goes door-to-door to spread Kelly’s message ahead of the November midterms and was asked how to respond if a Republican questions his stance on abortion.

In no uncertain terms, Bronson admitted that the Kelly campaign employs deception to garner support from independents and moderate Republicans. Her answer to replying to abortion questions was telling.

On tape, Bronson said that she would tell pro-lifer voters that “Mark Kelly is pro-life, but also pro-keeping the government out of our healthcare.” She then added “something stupid like that.”

She told the undercover reporter that she would not say that the Democratic candidate is pro-choice “even though he is.” Bronson declared that the incumbent Senator “absolutely” is not pro-life.

Kelly, she explained, has to play both sides because 40% of the electorate is undecided whether to cast their ballots for Republicans or Democrats. Further, the paid staffer said he would not “say anything outright” about what his intentions are unless it gains support from moderate GOP voters.

Bronson detailed even further that Kelly attempted to be “bipartisan (with) both Republicans and Democrats.” Therefore he would not admit to “very liberal” intentions.”

When asked by the Project Veritas reporter if Kelly will do those liberal things anyway, Bronson replied “Yeah. Yeah, for sure.”

While it is not shocking or even surprising to know that the Democrat wants to play both sides of the issue, it is still startling to hear such a frank admission. Kelly wants to have it both ways, and in a swing state like Arizona, voters deserve to know the truth about his positions.