Mark Levin Remains “Uncensored” And Tells Democrats Exactly What He Thinks

Mark Levin, author, and host of Fox News’ Life, Liberty, & Levin, knows that President Joe Biden and his Administration are incompetent and unable to lead effectively.

Levin also knows that Democrats knew that Biden was incompetent and didn’t have the cognitive ability to be the President or be in politics any longer. Levin also has a way of telling it exactly how it is with no regrets.

Levin said, “You, Democrats, you people in the media, you people in academia. You brought us, Joe Biden. You knew damn well, and he was incapable of doing what a President needs to do for a variety of reasons.”

The media had a great way of covering for Biden and making him seem as competent as possible. Biden became more popular after social media jumped in and censored news about Biden’s son, Hunter Biden.

Levin continued, “You were well aware that he was not mentally suitable to serve as President of the United States. You already knew that he’d been a failure in terms of foreign policy. You are accountable for the man who currently occupies the Oval Office. You.”

Biden’s remarks at press conferences and his inability to answer questions effectively indicate that Biden isn’t doing well. Selecting reporters from a list is bad enough, but announcing that he’s been told who to call on is even worse.

In December 2021 he held a press conference and said, “but I’m not supposed to be having this press conference right now.”

What? Why not? Who told you not to have the press conference, Biden?

Is that because they KNOW you’re going to?

Republicans tried to tell people that Biden wasn’t mentally fit to be President. Biden’s foreign policy has been corrupt for years, and there are several questions about his corrupt relationship with Hunter and the bank accounts they shared.

Levin notes that Congress hasn’t done anything to stop Biden from doing what he’s doing. Still, with the Republican party having a minority in both the House and Senate, it’s difficult to do anything right now besides stopping most of the Democrat’s legislation votes.

More Congressional Democrats are announcing their retirement from political office because it appears that they see the writing on the wall and know that there’s no way they’re getting re-elected after the disaster of a first-year Biden has had. There’s no chance that the Democrats can continue to stay in power.