Mark Levin “Slams” The Democrat Party And The Media In A Few Sentences

Mark Levin is accurate and intelligent, and his insult toward President Joe Biden gets better and better.

On “Life, Liberty & Levin,” Levin said, “Biden can’t seem to get his act together enough to give a substantive address. But if you wind him up and let him go, he’ll transform into the demagogue and propagandist that he is. In other words, as a bigot in the United States Senate and elsewhere, that’s where he gets all worked up, and his sentences are typically completed in full.”

Biden does this thing where he yells and holds his fists out in front of him, and that’s when you know he’s being serious, and his true feelings and emotions come out. Some of Biden’s gaffes where TRT World compiled them together can be found here.

Even Vice President Kamala Harris said that Biden has a checkered history on racial issues such as busing. Harris said, “You also worked with those segregationist senators to oppose busing.” Harris said that she was involved in busing as a young girl.

Levin said that Democrats want socialist agendas in place to benefit themselves, and you can see it happening from the moment Biden got into office. Biden not only changed the energy sector in radical ways, but he also began the COVID-19 vaccine mandates that would lead to contention in the United States and cause 5% of employees to quit due to the COVID-19 vaccine mandates. If the unvaccinated workers affected by the COVID-19 vaccine mandate quit, there would be 4 million employees lost.

Levin also said, “The Democrat Party is constantly pushing, pushing, pushing, and often pushing illegalities to change our nation, not for the better, but their power.” Hints at the mandates mentioned above and the insane idea that green energy is stable as it sits. Also, not everyone wants an electric car, and not everyone can afford one.

Say what you want about Republicans. Democrats have been way worse recently. If politicians would leave the public alone, it wouldn’t always be a huge deal other than spending so much money, but the Democrats have tried to legislate control over the public, and it’s got to stop.

Levin asked why Democrat legislation, “no matter how preposterous, extreme or outrageous,” is put in front of your face as such a great idea? It’s because of the leftist media that pushes the agenda, no matter how radical. The key phrase is “racist” and “White supremacist,” and if you don’t agree that the agenda is a good idea, you fit in either of those categories. You would assume they mean the same thing, but they’re different. Even Black and Hispanic Americans can be racist or White supremacists. It’s outrageous.

Whatever the Democrats push will always benefit them as well. Whether it be critical race theory which would raise many radical socialists, adding more states, or packing the supreme court, the Democrats know what’s best for you, and you have to go along with it.

Levin compared Democrats to Nazis by saying, “If you don’t support what the Democrats want to do, then democracy will die. Who talks like this? It is a cheap imitation of Benito Mussolini. That’s what it is.”

Heads up for the 2022 midterm election will turn this country in the right direction.