Massive Amounts Of Illegal Aliens Have Been ‘Bussed’ Into Florida And ‘Given Plenty Of Gifts’

To suggest that illegal immigration is a human right would be incorrect and detrimental to the United States as we know it. When someone enters the country, there should be a standard of compliance with society, follow the laws, and integrate into everyday life. It turns out that many people entering the country aren’t families at all, but young men.

In Maitland, Florida, a group of illegal immigrant men was dropped off at an Extended Stay with pre-loaded credit cards and clothing. Didn’t Florida Governor Ron DeSantis say that any illegal aliens bussed in would be sent to Wilmington, Delaware?

Imagine how much money the federal government uses to house, transport, cloth, and hand out cash to illegal immigrants? Meanwhile, your tax dollars are funding the invasion in our communities every day. The outrage can’t just be from the right, and the left has to be involved in fighting back.

Laura Loomer posted on Gettr, “A video shot in Maitland, Florida, only minutes from my Congressional District in Florida 11, shows a bus full of Hispanic illegal aliens being released off in front of an Extended Stay hotel in Maitland, where they are handed pre-loaded credit cards, hotel rooms, and clothing.”

Loomer then called out Dan Webster, who represents the 11th District of Florida where the illegal aliens were dropped off.

Loomer also said, “My soon-to-be constituents, like myself, are quite upset about this! How many of these undocumented immigrants are rapists or will commit a crime in nearby counties? I seriously doubt these illegals were tested for COVID or any other diseases!”

Not sure about assuming that there’s going to be a crime committed, but there’s a financial burden on the American people when the government decides to spend millions on social programs for illegal immigrants on a mass scale like this.

In all honesty, it would be better for the federal government to forgive student loan debt for citizens rather than this. Suppose we could exchange massive spending for illegal aliens and forgive student loan debt. In that case, there’s probably going to be a lot of Republicans who would appreciate the exchange, and mainly they don’t even support student loan forgiveness.

When the 2022 midterm election is concluded, there’s no doubt that significant changes are coming to this country. Thank God for the separation of powers that we currently have so that Democrats can’t push forward everything they want.

DeSantis needs to do more to control the flow of illegal aliens because there are plenty of other states that would welcome them with open arms, and Florida isn’t one of those places. Good immigration is necessary and very important, but this is an invasion.