Matt Walsh’s ‘What Is a Woman’ book banned from Amazon’s Ads

When conservative commentator Matt Walsh opens his mouth, it’s almost inevitable liberals will take issue with it.

Walsh’s latest book, ‘What Is a Woman?’, is stirring the pot of reality versus the transgender theory of gender. Amazon is known for discriminating against conservatives and the platform has declined paid advertisements for Walsh’s book.

The reason given by Amazon for refusing his ads is that there is “prohibited content.”

“We don’t allow content that appears to infer or claim to diagnose, treat, reverse or question sexual orientation,” Amazon Advertiser Support told the Daily Wire via email.

However, Amazon appears more than happy to advertise leftist propaganda, including radical gender ideology.

When “gender identity” is reached on the website, several radical books pop up as sponsored. “Gender Identity Workbook for Teens: Practical Exercises to Navigate Your Exploration, Support Your Journey, and Celebrate Who You Are” and “You and Your Gender Identity: A Guide to Discovery” are the main choices Amazon promotes.

The book echoes the sentiments Walsh brings up in his “What is a Woman?” documentary. He seeks to find a simple answer to which liberals cannot answer.

In the book’s description featured on Amazon, it reads:

“We used to think being a woman had something to do with biology, but the nation’s top experts keep assuring us that is definitely not the case. So Matt decided to do what no man (whatever that means) had done before. He sat down with the experts and asked them directly.”

Walsh asks liberal doctors, psychiatrists, and politicians to answer the simple question of “what is a woman?” But, disturbingly, none of the professionals could answer the simple biological question.

Women are essentially on the trajectory of being replaced as woke language now dictates that things specific to women must be changed. For example, some leftists are pushing for the term “pregnant women” should be replaced with “birthing people.”

Walsh also has a children’s book called “Johnny the Walrus,” which shows the utter hypocrisy demonstrated by the left. It also whimsically touches on the dangers of allowing children to transition to another gender.

“There are dozens of children’s books brainwashing kids into the gender identity cult where they are taught that identity is malleable and biology is meaningless,” Walsh said. “This book is meant to be an antidote to that madness.”

It is no secret at this point that conservatives will not be granted the same respect when it comes to massive platforms such as Amazon.