Mayor Blames Media for Murder Rate After City Cut Police Budget

During the “Summer of Peace” event on Monday, Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott (D) spoke out about the rising murder rate in his city, laying the blame on the media for perpetuating violence while also lauding “personal responsibility” as one of the keys to lowering violent crime.

While at the event, a member of the media asked Scott a question that immediately left him defensive and agitated.

“Do you think your administration can have a summer of peace given what we’ve seen this year?” the reporter asked.

Scott fired back at the reporter defensively, responding to the question by accusing the media, and the community at large, of “spreading this hate.”

“I think that’s a ridiculous question. I think that your station, in particular, has to understand this is not a hashtag. We are going to work every day to make sure that does not happen wherever we can prevent it,” he said. “We ultimately have to understand personal responsibility. Where’s the personal responsibility? When are we also going to call on people to check on what’s going on with their young people, to make sure they know what their young people are into?”

“When are we going to have a conversation about how everybody, including your station, can play a part in reducing violence, instead of spreading this hate, spreading this violence, spreading the hashtags, spreading this nonsense,” Scott continued.

“The ‘Summer of Peace’ was organized as a way to speak up against crime and violence in the city,” he added. “We know what the mission is. The mission is to save lives in Baltimore, and particularly to save the lives of our young people.”

As of Monday, which is less than halfway into 2022, the Baltimore Police were investigating 137 murders, according to reporting from an ABC News affiliate which cited a Forbes report indicating that Baltimore was the fifth most dangerous city in the United States.

Baltimore had 337 murders in 2021, making it the seventh consecutive year that the city had over 300 homicides. According to analysts, 2022 may be the deadliest year in the city’s history.

“After studying a decade of crime patterns, Sean Kennedy, with the Maryland Public Policy Institute, says the city is on-track to see more than 375 homicides this year,” a Fox Baltimore report revealed in April. “That would be the most homicides that Baltimore has seen since 1993 when the death toll hit 353.”

Baltimore has been run by Democrats since the 1960s, and it doesn’t look like that will be changing anytime soon.

Prior to becoming mayor, Scott was proud to lead efforts to defund the city’s police by $22 million as a city councilman. After becoming mayor, he backpedaled on those efforts, proposing a $27 million increase the next year.

In April of this year, Scott announced that Baltimore would be hiring civilians as investigators on its detective force in response to staffing shortages and skyrocketing violent crime.

According to Police Commissioner Michael Harrison, the hiring of civilian investigators is “directly tied” to the Baltimore Police Department’s struggle both in hiring and retaining officers.

Harrison also noted that the department had a shortage of around 350 positions.

In response to this news, CNN blamed the pandemic, the “great resignation,” low pay, “the climate for law enforcement” due to the demonization of police, and “local reform efforts” for making recruitment and retention of officers difficult.

Baltimore also faces another serious hurdle in lowering crime: Soros-backed Democrat State Attorney Marilyn Mosby. Since taking her position, Mosby has ordered the city to cease prosecution of certain ‘low-level’ crimes, including prostitution, drug possession, and minor traffic offenses.

Defending her policies, Mosby has claimed that “we cannot arrest our way out of the problems or prosecute our way out of gun violence.”