McCarthy: GOP Demonstrates It Can Win On Binding together Issues As Biden And Sanders Reel Cleared Out And Partition

President Joe Biden and the left are dividing the country as much as they possibly can. They can’t just leave people alone. They have to push their agendas forward no matter who it ruins. They’re trying to make a name for themselves as they rampage across the United States.

Unification was a campaign promise of the left as they came into the 2020 election to bring the country together. Biden’s favorite saying was “We can do this,” but has he done it? The short answer is no. The long answer has been everything you see daily from wealthy leftist politicians.

House majority leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) told Mark Levin on Fox News, “Every parent in every county and every corner of this country has a right to know what their children are being taught” about the Virginia governor election, which led to Republican Glenn Youngkin winning the election.

McCarthy also said that Republicans could be the unifying voice of the people with education issues, crime control, and many other things that matter to Americans.

“They have a right to have a say in that. Republicans respect the parents’ rights and education. That’s why we’re coming out with a Parents Bill of Rights because this has been a wake-up call.”

It has. Now, the left is blaming White parents for the win. They believed that they were going to push through. They didn’t consider that parents, regardless of what political party, aren’t okay with not having a say in their children’s education.

There’s a bipartisan right for parents to participate in their children’s education, and Democrats aren’t looking at this the right way. If a school board bans Critical Race Theory and many parents want it to be taught, they have the right to protest the decision and implement it. Regardless of if you agree with Critical Race Theory or not, that’s the parent’s right, even if it doesn’t make any sense.

The decision is polarizing at the moment because banning parents from being involved in education favors the Democrat party, but it’s not always going to be that way. There should be equal freedom of decision-making for all.

“This is what’s bringing people together in suburban areas and metropolitans and rural areas. It is part of the call of what we’re finding through the grassroots that people respect other people’s rights, and the Republican party continues to respect the parents’ rights.”

That’s what the Republican party has been mainly about. The right to choose and not mandate. That’s what freedom and liberty are about.

McCarthy said that there was a “glass ceiling” that Republicans were able to break when the first minority woman was voted as Lieutenant Governor and the Texas seat in an area that’s 73% Hispanic.

There’s going to be more coming that will wake up a generation of leftists to vote for Republican candidates, but more importantly, vote for freedom.