Measures That States Must Take to Counter the Border Crisis

The red states still have the power to tackle the Biden administration’s border mismanagement by using strict policies.

Currently, 7000 illegal immigrants are getting caught everyday by the Border Patrol agents. This figure only reflects the number of illegal aliens that get apprehended while the number of illegals who manage to enter the U.S. without getting caught is still unknown.

Last Friday, The Department of Homeland Security said that it is suspending the Title 42 law, which prevents many people, who arrive at the border, from entering the U.S. With the ending of Title 42, America is looking at a massive influx of illegal immigrants.

Fortunately, the states still have the authority and they should pursue such strategies in order to protect their people.

Texas and Arizona should make serious changes at the border by giving authority to the state troopers to immediately send back any illegal immigrant that gets caught, back to Mexico, despite what the federal policy states.

States must introduce new classifications of crime in order to imprison criminal immigrants so they don’t get released or handed over to other authorities.

Republican states should produce weekly reports on the number of illegal immigrants who get apprehended, and classify them according to the crime they commit.

States should mobilize their National Guards in order to stop buses full of illegal aliens from entering their states and redirect them to democratic territories.

All the agencies of the state must be ordered to verify the legal status of every person, who is applying for state benefits or driving license, with the help of federal databases.

By using the E-Verify system, the red states will restrict the chances for illegal immigrants to find work, which will divert the influx of illegal aliens towards the left-wing states.

The majority of illegal immigrants reside in the United States by using a stolen identity. States should get strict in regards to identity theft and apprehend individuals who use and sell stolen identities.

States with income taxes should either restrict or heavily tax illegal immigrant remittances to South American countries including Mexico.

These defensive actions will help the states with keeping the illegal immigrants out and preserve their sovereignty.