Media Matters Axes Staff Amidst Legal Troubles, Financial Turmoil

Media Matters, a left-wing media “watchdog” that focuses on smearing conservatives to dissuade advertisers from partnering with them, has recently terminated around a dozen of its employees amidst mounting legal challenges and financial strain. This decision comes as the company finds itself under intense scrutiny due to a federal investigation and a lawsuit filed by Elon Musk, CEO of X.

According to reports from the Daily Caller, former employees took to social media platforms to announce their dismissals following the company’s internal decision.

Media Matters currently faces investigations led by Attorneys General Ken Paxton of Texas and Andrew Bailey of Missouri. These inquiries focus on allegations of fraudulent practices related to data manipulation on X, the social media platform previously known as Twitter.

In addition to the federal investigation, Elon Musk, who acquired X in 2022, initiated a defamation lawsuit against Media Matters in November. The lawsuit stems from the outlet’s creation of fabricated images purporting to show advertisements from major corporations alongside posts by alleged “White supremacists.”

Former Media Matters staffer Kat Abughazaleh expressed disappointment regarding the layoffs, highlighting the perceived effectiveness of the outlet’s work and attributing the legal challenges to attacks from “far-right billionaires.”

The termination of employees marks another setback for Media Matters, which has faced criticism for its left-leaning editorial stance despite claiming to be non-partisan. This development is part of a broader trend affecting left-wing internet-based publications, including NowThis, which laid off half of its editorial team earlier this year as part of a strategic restructuring effort in response to evolving media dynamics.

The downsizing trend extends to other outlets like The Intercept, which also experienced layoffs, including the removal of its Editor-in-Chief, Roger Hodge, on the same day as NowThis. Additionally, The Messenger, a startup internet publication launched in May 2023, ceased operations after less than a year in existence, underscoring the challenges faced by digital media ventures.

Meanwhile, conservatives have been celebrating Media Matters’ downfall on X. Fox News host Greg Gutfeld responded to the news by pointing out that “Media matters sole purpose was to get people fired through the amplification of false smears. They deserve no sympathy or help peddling their propaganda elsewhere.”

“Media Matters literally has a page on their site dedicated to lying about and defaming me. They blame me for b*mb threats, call me all kinds of names and slurs, and make s—t up about me. No sympathy from me for the mass layoffs at Media Matters,” replied Chaya Raichik, owner of popular X account “Libs of TikTok.”

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