Media Denies To Appear Black Republican Discourse In Noteworthy Decision

The mainstream leftist media in the United States wants you to believe that the Republican party is racist and more racist than ever. The fact that Republicans like Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson (R-NC), Tim Scott (R-SC), Burgess Owens (R-UT), Byron Donalds (R-FL), and many others are elected even though they’re Black Americans tells you precisely what the political climate of the Republican party is. Not racist.

The media is saying that white supremacy allowed Glenn Youngkin to be elected as the Governor of Virginia. Still, they’re hoping you don’t notice that Winsome Sears was elected as Lieutenant Governor at the same time.

What’s interesting is how far the media will go not to cover the victory for Black Americans and how racist it is that they won’t cover the election victory.

Jemele Hill said, “It’s not the messaging, folks. This country loves white supremacy.” What?

Half of the country does love white supremacy. The left side. It wouldn’t exist if they constantly blast “white supremacy” in their messaging against the Republican party. They have to keep up the appearance of white supremacy because they use it to get Democrats elected and try to slam Republicans. It’s not working anymore because people are starting to not listen to it. The tactic is dead on arrival, and it’s been dead for quite a while.

Deroy Murdock told Fox News, “The same ‘White nationalists’ who elected Republican Glenn Youngkin governor of Virginia voted for Republican Winsome Sears, a Black woman, as lieutenant governor. How racist! They also elected Republican Jason Miyares, a Hispanic man, as their next attorney general. What bigots!”

I still don’t remember when President Joe Biden met with the Black American community to help them. Can anyone remember what happened? Didn’t think so. It’s all lies, and it’s all imagery. That’s all it is. Paint a picture and move on. No action, no steps toward progress, nothing. Republicans are the party of freedom for all races, genders, and religions.

Sears said, “I’m telling you that what you are looking at is the American dream.” The media focuses more on ensuring that Republicans don’t accomplish the American dream than congratulating Sears on the accomplishment.

Sears is a veteran and not a first-generation American. The leftist media ignored her because she’s a Republican and patriotic American. The fact that she’s Black wasn’t a factor for her getting voted in, unlike Vice President Kamala Harris. Before selecting Harris, President Joe Biden said he wanted to get a “woman of color” as VP. If that isn’t racist, then you need to explain what it means. Biden used a Black American woman to push himself ahead in the campaign. He stood on Harris’ back while garnering votes from Americans.