Media Spins Pelosi Story For Democrat Boost

The spin that the liberal media and Democratic leadership are putting on the Paul Pelosi attack has led many to believe that it is nothing more than a last-minute attempt to garner votes for Democratic candidates in next week’s midterms.

President Biden blamed “election deniers” for the attack on Pelosi as recently as yesterday in a planned speech given after he completed early voting.

Hillary Clinton tweeted, “The Republican Party and its mouthpieces now regularly spread hate and deranged conspiracy theories. It is shocking, but not surprising, that violence is the result. As citizens, we must hold them accountable for their words and the actions that follow.”

Two of the most influential leaders in the Democratic party are calling out conservatives for the attack, and the media is running with the narrative. An article from “The Right Scoop” goes as far as to claim that the media is now attacking other people for simply not pushing their agenda hard enough even if they are stating facts.

A CNN article even calls out Donald Trump for not publicly condemning the attacks stating, “Trump, who’s still the de facto leader of the GOP, has yet to condemn the attack on Paul Pelosi. But dozens of Republicans – from Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, former Vice President Mike Pence and GOP House conference chair Elise Stefanik – have done so.”

There are inconsistencies with the story to date. It has been reported that Biden knew his attacker’s name, that he escaped by asking to use the restroom, and that there is no way an intruder would be able to enter the Pelosi home without consent. Those inconsistencies will hopefully be cleared up in the next few days and weeks.

Because of those inconsistencies, however, many people will and should refrain from commenting on the events from a political perspective until the details are revealed. Republicans and Democrats alike should and have voiced their support for Paul Pelosi and wished him well through the ordeal. Anything more than that is simply politicizing an event that should not be politicized.