Media’s Deception On Biden’s Fitness Unravels

For over three years, President Joe Biden’s team has kept him largely out of public sight, limiting his appearances to the White House or his Delaware home. This strategy aims to minimize public scrutiny of his frequent verbal slip-ups and physical missteps.

Throughout his presidency, Biden has rarely addressed the public without a teleprompter or pre-written notes. His remarks are typically brief and scheduled outside prime viewing times to ensure minimal audience engagement. His few press interactions are carefully controlled, with questions often coming from a pre-approved list of reporters.

The media, including outlets like CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, the New York Times, and the Washington Post, have consistently portrayed Biden as mentally fit. However, outside these media circles, many Americans are skeptical.

Biden’s mental fitness came under intense scrutiny during a recent debate in Atlanta. His performance was widely criticized as one of the worst in presidential history. He often lost his train of thought, made incoherent statements, and at one point, declared, “We finally beat Medicare,” a statement that baffled many.

Throughout the debate, Biden appeared confused and often stared blankly. The CNN cameras frequently cut away from him, likely to avoid showing these moments. At times, Biden seemed to glance at notes, despite rules prohibiting such materials.

Even though the debate moderators were neutral, there was speculation that Biden had prior knowledge of the questions. CNN’s Erin Burnett seemed to confirm this, stating post-debate that Biden knew “every one of these questions is coming.”

Biden’s statements were often factually incorrect. He claimed no U.S. military personnel had died during his presidency, ignoring the tragic loss of 13 service members in Afghanistan and others in a drone attack near the Syrian border. On the topic of abortion, he made an odd reference to women being raped by their “brothers and sisters.”

Former President Donald Trump, in contrast, presented a composed and detailed comparison of his record to Biden’s. Trump highlighted his administration’s achievements, including a strong economy, controlled inflation, job growth, secure borders, energy independence, and successful foreign policies.

A post-debate CNN poll conducted by SSRS showed that 67% of respondents believed Trump won the debate, while only 33% sided with Biden. This disparity suggests a significant portion of the public views Biden as unfit for office.

The debate performance exposed Biden’s vulnerabilities, raising concerns about his ability to lead the nation. With seven months left in his term, America’s adversaries might see him as a weak leader, posing potential risks to national security.

The media’s role in shielding Biden from scrutiny is a disservice to the public. Their efforts to downplay his cognitive issues have left the country with a president many see as incapable of performing his duties effectively.

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