Media’s Gradual Turn Away From Biden Amid Democrat Discontent

Today signifies a pivotal shift as mainstream media begin to pivot away from President Joe Biden, providing a framework for Democrats to seek an alternative candidate for the 2024 election. This shift follows increased scrutiny of Biden’s performance and growing calls for him to step aside.

ABC World News Tonight’s Whit Johnson reported on Biden’s recent public appearance at the Emergency Operations Center, discussing Hurricane Beryl and climate change. Yet, the focus quickly shifted to the growing Democratic dissent and the first call from a congressional Democrat for Biden to drop out of the race.

The media’s narrative has evolved from supporting Biden to openly questioning his cognitive abilities. ABC promoted an upcoming interview with Biden conducted by George Stephanopoulos, while CBS highlighted White House correspondent Weijia Jiang’s pointed questions to Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. NBC reported on Hunter Biden’s involvement in West Wing briefings and cited instances of Biden appearing disoriented, echoing concerns raised by The New York Times.

In the days ahead, expect more insiders to come forward about Biden’s cognitive decline, building a case for his potential exit from both the campaign and the presidency. Media outlets, after years of defending Biden, are now preparing the public for a transition, suggesting that his unfitness to campaign may reflect an unfitness to govern.

This strategic media shift ensures that the press maintains its relevance and access to power as the Democratic Party contemplates new leadership. The gradual move away from Biden is designed to pave the way for his eventual departure, aligning media narratives with the party’s evolving needs.

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