Medical Students Walk Out to Protest Pro-Life Professor’s Speech

Dozens of medical students at the University of Michigan abruptly walked out of their prestigious White Coat ceremony. The reason? Pro-life professor Dr. Kristin Collier walked to the podium to deliver the keynote address.

The weekend function is a rite of passage where new medical students are formally welcomed and receive their white lab coat. And nevermind that these future professionals must deal with Americans of all beliefs and from all ideological backgrounds.

A video of the walkout reached social media and garnered over 11 million views. School officials were previously presented with a petition with over 400 signatures to rescind her invitation to speak, but they declined.

The petition said Collier’s beliefs are against reproductive justice because “women of color, marginalized women, and trans people” face the most obstacles to legal abortion.

The University of Michigan, however, said that the speaker was chosen through nominations and voting by members of the medical school’s Honor Society.

They also responded that the White Coat Ceremony was not for political posturing and she never planned to address controversial issues in her remarks. And she didn’t.

Dr. Collier, an assistant professor of medicine, never referred to abortion during her keynote address. However, her opinions are well known on social media, where she described herself as a “feminist” fighting for the “most vulnerable.”

She talked online about her “prenatal sisters” who suffer direct violence in the act of abortion. In an interview with Catholic publication The Pillar, Dr. Collier described her journey from “secular humanist” to Christian to “a pro-life person.”

She noted that it is a blessing for people to be able to change long-held beliefs through encountering others and “the grace of God.”

On June 24, after the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, UM issued a statement saying it will continue to provide “reproductive care for patients.”

It is disturbing that future medical professionals cannot have their ears sullied by the words of a respected professor in a solemn ceremony. Pro-lifers who walked out of a lecture or remarks by a pro-abortion speaker would be castigated — and perhaps have to seek another school.