Megyn Kelly Discloses Her 58-Year-Old Sister Has Died

On Monday, Megyn Kelly disclosed on her SiriusXM podcast that her older sister, Suzanne Crossley, died of a heart attack over the weekend at age 58.

Kelly, who said her sister had been dealing with health issues for several years, asked the audience to send prayers to her family as they grieve over the tragic loss.

“Something really sad happened in my family over the weekend,” Kelly began on her podcast. “My sister died.”

“She was 58,” Kelly revealed. “Her name was Suzanne Crossley and she died Friday suddenly of a heart attack.”

Kelly, who is 51, noted that her sister had battled health ailments for quite some time, but the heart attack took the family by surprise.

“So it was sudden and unexpected,” Kelly divulged.

Kelly also shared the experience of rushing home to be with her mother, Linda Kelly, and the rest of her family.

“It was really hard,” she admitted. “It was extremely emotional.”

“As all moms and dads out there know, this is not the order in which this is supposed to happen,” said Kelly, referring to her mother’s grief.

During the podcast, Kelly addressed why she was at work so soon after the tragedy, calling work a refuge “where I can take my mind off of it.”

“But for me, it’s better to be here,” she told her audience. “Maybe you can relate, but it’s more cathartic to work.”

Later in the podcast, Kelly encouraged audience members to cherish loved ones and make sure they know how loved they are.

“We can’t all be perfect in [staying close to the people you love],” Kelly said. “But we can make a little effort, day by day, to shoot a text or return a call.”

“I’m never very good at that,” Kelly continued. “So it’s a big reminder to me at how fleeting things can be and how we get upset over s**t that doesn’t matter.”

Crossley, a native of Nyack, New York, leaves behind three children and a grandson.

“Family was the center of Suzanne’s life and she was adored for her caring, witty, and wise interactions with everyone she loved,” read Crossley’s obituary.