Megyn Kelly Goes Off on LGBT Abuse on Children

Journalist and commentator Megyn Kelly is no stranger to making her opinions known. However, her latest interview on Newsmax shows she won’t kowtow to liberals over extreme LGBT issues regarding children.

As parents and doctors are allowing very young children to change their gender at a growing rate, Kelly brings up good points against this.

She relayed on Newsmax that studies show that most children with gender dysphoria, the condition will go away if there is no adult interference.

“The stats show that 70% of those kids will grow out of it if left alone,” Kelly said on “Eric Bolling The Balance.

Some parents have transitioned their young children just because they don’t like wearing girly clothes or want a short haircut.

Kelly points out that reality is not being reported and how drastic measures are not the way to go about things such as gender identity in children.

She said that context is critical and that the downsides of transitioning should be weighed. Not doing so is “irresponsible,” Kelly said.

The journalist is known for ruffling feathers on both sides of the aisle as she is independent and doesn’t fully lean Democrat or Republican.

She calls herself “very kind and open-minded” when it comes to transgender issues and says, “this is a real thing in a small amount of cases, and we shouldn’t be bullying people who suffer from this.”

But she backs up her claims that things have gone way too far and says, “lost our minds on this issue; it’s become a political issue.”

“We’ve crossed over to this point in society where it’s getting really dangerous, because tolerance by people who wanted to be open-minded… have been taken advantage of now to the point where their children are being wrestled away from them,” Kelly continued. “More and more tolerance is being exploited to the point of abuse of the child and, by extension, the parent.”

Horror stories of people who transitioned and then regretted it are becoming more prevalent, but the mainstream media and the LGBT community refuse to put a spotlight on it.

As children face hyper-sexualization by the left, whether that be exposure to drag shows, age-inappropriate sex education or transgender ideologies, Kelly blasted the politicization of the issue and just how far it’s gone.