Men Are ‘Getting Vasectomies’ In Response To The Texas Heartbeat Bill And It’s Funny

Many people, particularly on the left, are upset about the Texas Heartbeat Bill that would ban abortion at six weeks, roughly when a heartbeat is detected. It’s caused protests and leftists around the country to lose their minds. The new way of protesting is surprising and has nothing to do with the ban on abortions after six weeks.

Some men are choosing to get vasectomies in light of the abortion ban. In solidarity, this act shows that men will stand with women in their fight to kill their babies. It’s not exactly a protest that will change anything, but they’re free to do what they wish.

The rational thinking behind this is void. Possible permanent bodily surgery because of a law that doesn’t affect them or their bodies in the slightest. There’s a thing called protection that will ensure that pregnancy occurs at a shallow rate, some suggest 99% effective, and they’re usually correct. It may seem like a long shot to practice these methods, but it turns out if you do, abortion won’t even be on the table of discussion, just a thought.

A representative in Pennsylvania, Chris Rabb (D-PA), put forward a “parody” bill that says men over 40 years old or after their third child. Regardless of the joke and “ha-ha” of the bill, any authoritarian bill that’s even written should come with harsh and swift push back. What if the bill gained traction and was passed? That would mean the government could force citizens to get an irreversible medical procedure without their consent, kind of like a vaccine.

Are we done with these ridiculous taxpayer-funded parodies? It’s one thing if there was a sincere desire to pass a bill, but there’s not.

Rabb said, “The overwhelming response has been hatred and violence.”

Is Rabb confused by this? That should be the response to this type of legislation. Of course, the conversation can include men and their responsibility in pregnancies. The last time anyone sat through an anatomy class, you were taught that it requires a man to get pregnant. Big surprise!

The abortion ban conversation doesn’t have anything to do with reproductive rights or women at all. It has to do with the child inside a woman’s womb, the protection of that child, and the child’s rights. A woman doesn’t, and should never, have the life-or-death button on if a child should have a life or have that life taken away. That’s absolute nonsense.