Mexican Mayor And Staff Kidnapped By Armed Cartel

Mario Cedillo Infante, mayor of Guerrero, Coahuila was abducted along with his wife, one of his sons, and six other staff members as they traveled through the border state of Tamaulipas.

All of the people kidnapped were released after a large-scale manhunt and increased pressure on the cartel by the Mexican and American government.

According to Breitbart, “The politician and his staff were returning from work meetings in the state of Oaxaca. While traveling through Nuevo Laredo, a group of gunmen in two SUVs began chasing them. Shortly after that, government officials lost communication with the elected offical.”

The kidnapping occurred in one of the most dangerous border cities Nuevo Laredo, an area controlled by the Cartel Del Noreste faction of Los Zetas, one of the most violent criminal organizations in the country.

The cartel operates with virtual impunity as it controls the city and the surrounding area. The police and public officials are virtually powerless as they are outmanned and outgunned by the cartel.

According to the Congressional Research Service, “Mexican transnational criminal organizations (TCOs) significantly influence drug trafficking in the United States and pose the greatest drug trafficking threat. These organizations control the market and movement of a wide range of illicit drugs destined for the United States; for this reason, they are commonly referred to as drug cartels and drug trafficking organizations (DTOs).”

The Los Zetas cartel is one of the most powerful DTOs in Mexico and control a large part of the drug trade that makes it to the United States. This kidnapping, done by Los Zetas, happened just across the border as Mexican authorities could only watch and hope the cartel freed the hostages.

According to Mexico Business News, “Cedillo was deprived of his liberty in Nuevo Laredo. SEDENA successfully achieved the release of the mayor, his relatives and his collaborators. The investigation continues and yesterday there were some arrests by the State Justice Prosecutor’s Office.”

Even if arrests were made, the main players in the cartel roam free, just miles from the U.S. border, a U.S. border that allowed more than 2.3 million encounters with migrants in FY 2022.